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Time I will never buy Time Magazine again.

How can number 1 print a picture of the face a a little girl who was supposed to have been separated from her mom. Number 2 how can you Look at your self in the mirror for printing a fake story without checking it out first .

You are part of the divide of our country .

Stop printing fake stores and try starting trying to bring this county together .

You should be ashamed of yourself .

I buy Time all the time never again .

Product or Service Mentioned: Time Magazine Magazine.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I don't understand why the libs are on here commenting, they should be beating off to MSNBC.


It's time for all of the lib dems to get a job, a life, and a clue, losers.


You must be a middle age, overweight woman who doesn't have anything else to do but complain online about everything .

to MrBenjaminHenderson #1516553

Do you normally suck the Democrats pole, or are you really that ignorant.

to Anonymous #1516949

I'm actually a republican, I've been a proud republican for 10+ years. Being a republican or democrat is irrelevant to all the children that are being separated

to MrBenjaminHenderson #1516957

I am republican also. Your comment of middle age over weight is insulting .I am against separating children , but lots of these children coming in are not even coming in with their parents .

They are using these children to come in illegal.There are American children being separated every day from there parents here in America . I am totally against illegals coming in . Go to San Francisco Or other cities on the west coast .In San Francisco you can even walk down the streets because all the homeless people . Store owners have to wash sidewalks every morning to wash off urine and *** .

Don’t believe ho visit.One question who is paying for all these illegals? You and I are and if not stopped our country will overcrowded and homeless will be out of control .

to MrBenjaminHenderson #1516962

Also Ben the comments made where made about the picture of Trump with the young girl . That was proven to be fake news that Time published .

to MrBenjaminHenderson #1516652

Typical Democrat insult, bulling people . You must have nothing to do but insult people .

to Anonymous #1516951

Republican for 10+years and a proud US veteran. Stop playing the victim card!


Fake "stores" ?? learn how to spell, it's spelled "stories" You sound just like your president, 'uneducated'

to EncouragingZonkey-MARRIED-HIS-SISTER #1516656

Typical democrat look in the mirror and you will see something that’s uneducated and drinks the fake news Kool-Aid .


Wrong, not fake news, real news. Totally Trump's fault.

to Anonymous #1516654

Proven to be fake . Stop drinking fake news Kool-Aid.

to Anonymous #1521168

no thank you, the only thing I'm drinking is semen

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